PSTN is a Dead Man Walking

Is the (PSTN) phone system a dead man walking?

So in the last day I’ve talked to colleagues one-on-one on Slack, I’ve had meetings with customers using Google Hangouts, talked to some friends and family via WhatsApp — and I’ve had several junk calls come into my PSTN cell phone (that I sometimes answer and sometimes ignore). Continue reading “PSTN is a Dead Man Walking”

The Year of Threat

I am officially declaring 2017 the year of threat.

Doing my best to play the part of threat actor.( Defcon Tinfoil-Hat-Contest).

Following years of rhetoric about state-based attacks and who is at fault for what major system compromise the public seems to finally have come to grips with a few indisputable notes us security pros have been screaming at the tops of our lungs for a couple decades.

  1. There is (at least) a threat out there targeting every principal.
  2. The bad things threat actors cause mean more to the average person than the increasing the frequency of plastic rotation in a wallet.
  3. Things are obviously getting worse.

The public hasn’t grokked this one yet but:

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