Chrome Flat On My Desk

Last week I was lucky to have squeezed an early sample of the Samsung Chromebook Pro out of my distributor for evaluation. This is not a review of the device but of how a device like this one, equipped with the ChromeOS stack might fit into the enterprise. Continue reading “Chrome Flat On My Desk”

2012: The Fall of Garden Walls (Kindle Edition)

The Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989
Attribution: Lear 21 at en.wikipedia

It struck me yesterday as I looked at the reviews of the new Amazon Kindle e-Reader I preordered on launch day (the Kindle Paperwhite 3G). The walled garden is indeed doomed to fail despite excellent user interfaces. I know someone writes an op-ed piece about this every few years, but at least since the iPhone was launched it looked like maybe some walled gardens could stand.

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