LED Lighting Lunacy

I recently put together a co-working space in my rural hometown (post coming) as an alternative from my old work-from-home model.

As part of this exercise in dressing up an ancient tin-ceiling storefront it really drilled home how important effective lighting is in my work space for the entire room (and not just the economical task light).

I was looking for this, but couldnt find it so I crunched it myself. Here’s the history of artificial light in one graph.

Note the logarithmic scales for the intended perspective.

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The CISSP Crucible

How I Passed the CISSP in Two Weeks

So it’s been on my mind a while, okay, maybe a long while.

What’s a certification I can take that will provide assurance to my clients and not be a complete waste of time or lock me into a fixed mind set dependent on a single vendor’s solutions?

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BIS Comment RE: export restrict security tools

URL: BIS Proposal & Comments

Bureau of Industry and Security export restriction proposal and my comments below …

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AWS Partner Summit Keynotes (Actual Content Redacted)

Somehow I was lucky enough to get front-center seating.

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News Flash: World Wide Web is Wild Wild West … still

Okay, so this shouldn’t be news to anyone moderately concerned with the safety of their personal information or corporate resources, but this week reinforced a growing trend in information systems:

The web-browser is the largest attack vector on any platform.

This week saw one disclosure and two separate 0-day attacks which left nowhere to hide on the web.

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2012: The Fall of Garden Walls (Kindle Edition)

The Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989
Attribution: Lear 21 at en.wikipedia

It struck me yesterday as I looked at the reviews of the new Amazon Kindle e-Reader I preordered on launch day (the Kindle Paperwhite 3G). The walled garden is indeed doomed to fail despite excellent user interfaces. I know someone writes an op-ed piece about this every few years, but at least since the iPhone was launched it looked like maybe some walled gardens could stand.

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